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  • Kenai River Run
    Kenai River Run
    The Kenai river has been a favorite spot for fishers for many years now, so much so that it has been included as a fishing location in numerous games and simulators out there. However, regardless of how popular the fishing spot may be, the fact remains that fishing is mostly a game of patience, which is precisely what you are going to get with Kenai River Run. In this game you are playing as a fisherman who is travelling on said river, trying to catch as many fish as he possibly can. However, unlike most other fishing games out there this one captures the patience element quite well as you never know how long it is going to take for a fish to bite… or even if you are using the proper baits in and lures. In Kenai River Run you control your fisherman by using the mouse cursor in order to choose where the line is going to be cast. On the right of the screen you are going to see your tackle box and it is filled with six kinds of baits for you to choose from. To select a bait, simply click on it and it will turn into a dark silhouette, indicating that you are currently making use of it. Once you have cast the rod it your fisherman will reel it back in by himself. While getting the right fish does require you to make use of the prope

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