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    Fishing Fiver Games
    While many people like it when fishing takes a turn for the absurd, there is a distinct lack of proper online fishing simulations, which is precisely what Fishing Fiver Games is here for. In this game, you can either fish in the Tongass National Forest in Ketchikan, Alaska, or in the Lake Powell in Arizona. In Fishing Fiver Games you use the mouse button in order to move your target cursor, and your left mouse button in order to cast the line. Your character reels it in automatically. The goal of the game is to cast the line as close as possible to shadows that are moving under the surface of the water, hopefully caching a fish in the process. You can catch pretty much anything from a bass to an octopus in this game. You can also choose between different types of baits and lures by clicking on the arrows in the "tackle box". Be careful not to cast too often without results, or you risk losing your patience and simply quitting.

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