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Lake Fishing
For some people fishing is a very relaxing experience that practically puts them in a Zen state of mind where they achieve complete peace of mind. If you've never gotten to experience such a feeling from fishing then you are in luck as it is exactly the kind of experience provided by Lake Fishing. In this game, you play as a simple fisherman or fisherwoman, whatever tickles your fancy, who is simply trying to get away from all the troubles and noisiness of the city to fish in the countryside. You have a total of eight different and peaceful locations to make your choice from, not to mention that you can change between them without the need to start a new game. To play Lake Fishing, you first need to use the mouse button in order to select a place for where to fish. Once you are set up, you need to use your mouse cursor in order to select where exactly you are going to cast your line. Once you have made your choice, click the left mouse button to actually cast it. Once that has been done, you will need to draw your line which can be done by clicking and holding the left mouse button anywhere on the screen.

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Lake Fishing
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