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    Big catch
    Pretty much every fisherman alive on this planet dreams of making a name for him or herself by making the big-catch, and now you can actually do so in the Big Catch online game. In Big catch every little move you make has effects and consequences of its own. When casting the line, you first need to find a good spot for it. You can see the good spots if there are any fish floating there, spraying water or jumping out of it. Click the left mouse button in order to pull the line back, at which point the strength meter will start to fill up. Once it's filled up to your satisfaction simply release the button and the line is going to be cast. Once it has been cast you can retrieve the line by pressing the right mouse button. A grey meter will appear indicating your speed, and the quicker you click the button the higher your speed is going to be. If you are looking to find out which fish out there is the closest to the lure simply look in the top part of the screen where all the information is displayed. Once a fish has directed its attention to the lure, the game will zoom in on it. Keep in mind that if you reel it in too fast or too slow, the fish won't bite. Once the fish has bitten on the lure, a bar will appear which displays inf

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